Our Supporter Members

MHRA thanks our 2020 Supporter Members

Without their support, we would not be able to provide the

programs and events that host each year! 

AJ Uscowskas

Andy & Susan Pieters

Becky & Chuck Hagenbaugh

Bruce Wells

Calvin & Kelsey Bush

Carolyn Wert

Christine White

Craig Zimmerman

Darla Los

Dennis White

Donald & Nancy Bowman

Glenn & Patricia Spangler

Harvey & Brenda Ilgen

Jamie Bailey &

Dr. Jeffrey Chamberlain

Jeremy Uscowskas

Juergen Seefeldt

Kara Buttorff

Kim Sawyer

Madeline Casilla

Mark & Carol Troup

Matthew Wells

Paul Los

Ray & Gloria Mincemoyer

Rich & Viv Bailey

Ronda Balonis

Rosemary Stankis

Stuart Nicoll

Tania Wells

Tiffany Stamm